What if ???

Jerome H Stroumza DDS, MS, DSc..

Founder & Director of the EndoImplantology Institute

For as long as I can remember I always took pictures and drew images to communicate with my patients concepts or information that could be foreign to them or hard to understand if only written.   I also remember that papers get easily misplaced and sorting through thousands of slides create daunting situations where an already extended weekday work schedule has to spill late into the night and take most of the weekend in order to catchup with the ever growing backlog.

The mind has to be the fastest and most ætheral self communication tool ever in existence and yet when one try to pass the barrier of “me, myself and I”,  the communication become slow, sometime clumsy and is plague by system limitation.

Back in the late nineties, when I decided to become paperless, I had put together a complex file system, called Castle, hoping to be able to retrieve any information anytime at almost the speed and whim of my mind to explain, demonstrate or augment a point. I had decided that January first 2000 was the first day of my paperlesness endeavor and setup my office computer system accordingly.

To the point now.  To be continued...